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Tom Clark

Social Security Specialist

Having worked for the Social Security Administration for 33 years under different titles such as Claims Representative, Operations Supervisor, Field Representative and Public Affairs Specialist, Tom is the Social Security expert. Tom gave more than 6,000 speeches while working for Social Security, more than anyone in the history of the Social Security Administration, and was twice presented with the Commissioners Citation, Social Security's highest award. Tom received four Deputy Commissioner of Communications Citations for excellence in making the complexities of Social Security and Medicare easily understandable.  Many publications with a monthly readership of over 2 million persons have published Tom’s columns about Social Security. He has also produced and appeared in over 200 TV shows about Social Security. One of Tom’s areas of expertise is in pensions based on work not covered by Social Security, such as Teacher’s Retirement of Texas, and how that can affect Social Security benefits.

*Tom Clark is an independent third-party consultant to Heritage Financial Planning in the areas of Social Security and Medicare. He is not an employee of Heritage Financial Planning but is on retainer to provide guidance to our planners and clients when appropriate.


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