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Planning for Retirement

Planning and Executing for a Seamless Retirement

Financial Planning for Retirement

One of the main reasons you seek out wise investments over the course of your life is to plan for retirement. When it’s time to retire, you want to make sure you have enough money to enjoy a comfortable, pleasant lifestyle. That way, you can appreciate the fruits of retirement with luxuries like vacations or fine dining as well as leave something for your heirs or for charity.

How We Support Retirement Planning

Thanks to modern medicine and technology, people are living longer lives. The blessing and the curse of that reality is that there is a much greater challenge to ensure retirement income lasts as long as you do.

There may be a time in the not-so-distant future where people may routinely spend as many years retired as they did working. That means you need an extremely solid and reliable financial plan, so you can enjoy all those retirement years — rather than struggling through them or becoming a burden to younger family members.

But where do you begin? How much money needs to be in your IRA, and what kind of an IRA should it be? How much can you rely on your pension, Social Security or other retirement income sources? Where do taxes figure in? A certified financial planner with retirement planning expertise can help you sort all of this out and more.


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Heritage Financial Planning has spent years identifying some of the best retirement planning strategies for residents of Dallas and surrounding areas. We understand that each individual and family has different goals, expectations, and capabilities when it comes to retirement planning, and we are a client-first organization with the tools to develop a customized plan to meet all of those different needs.

As a fee-only retirement planner independent of any specific financial product or organization, we are free to always offer you what we think is the optimal investment plan for your retirement. In fact, we are legally required to do so.

As fiduciaries, we are required to act in good faith and in the best interests of our clients, not our own. Since we are fee-only, do not work on commission and are not incentivized to sell any particular investment product, your best interest will always be our best interest. That’s something you can’t say about some other retirement planning services companies, and it’s why you’ll always be confident your retirement money is in good hands when you work with Heritage Financial Planning.

Hopefully, you have already started your retirement planning, but we think we can make your plan better. If you’re in the Dallas area, or similar areas like Grapevine, Southlake, Frisco, or Fort Worth, and you would like the peace of mind that comes with an independent, fee-only retirement planner, contact Heritage Financial Planning online today.


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