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Fee-Only Financial Advisor in Dallas

Few things affect our peace of mind or quality of life quite like finances. Three out of four Americans1 have concerns over their financial well-being. From retirement planning and investment strategies to saving for college, many people search for ways to balance their financial responsibilities today with their plans and hopes for tomorrow.

Independent, fee-only fiduciary advisors offer a solution. In Dallas, Frisco, Fort Worth and the surrounding metropolitan area, Heritage Financial Planning has one focus — to provide financial planning insights and wealth management services bound by the fiduciary standard to our range of clients. No fluff, no fairytales. We give independent, informed advice to draw the right financial roadmap for your interests.

Get to Know Heritage Financial Planning

Heritage Financial Planning is a financial planning and Registered Investment Advisory firm with flagship offices in Dallas, Texas; Grapevine, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.
Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals in Dallas offer a range of services centered on holistic financial and wealth guidance. We assist our clients with:

Heritage Financial Planning is also a fee-only financial planning firm. It is our firmly held conviction that financial institutions should work solely for their clients, educating and empowering them to make authentic and advantageous decisions.  Our work with clients each and every day:

  • Follows the fiduciary standard
  • Receives no third-party commissions
  • Earns no incentives from sales, transactions or number of accounts opened
  • Creates individualized asset plans for specific situations

What Sets Our Dallas Financial & Wealth Management Firm Apart

Three characteristics make Heritage Financial Planning stand out in Dallas. These distinctions guide our operations and shape the way we conduct ourselves and our business:

  • Fee-Only. Many financial planners work on commission. It's the reality of the industry and the standard "business-as-usual" model. We don't settle for "business as usual," though. Heritage Financial Planning aims for our work to be as transparent and as tailored to clients as possible. That's one of the reasons why we don't accept commissions.
  • Independent. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals have passed independent training, examinations and experience requirements to earn that official title. Our fee-only structure helps us maintain autonomous and advantageous wealth guidance.
  • Objective Advice. We mean it. Heritage Financial Planning uses information and data collection to create bias-free financial plans in our clients' best interests without pressure.

Economic Outlook in Dallas, Texas

When looking for the best financial planner for you, an advisor with local knowledge is convenient and desirable. They can apply key economic variances across regions to your financial situation. Factoring in variables like costs of living, the local tax landscape, and general economic trends and stability, in turn, lend you a more accurate financial portrait.

Take a look at some of Dallas' key economic indicators:

  • Dallas-Area Income: The median income in Dallas is $45,215 1. That's more than a quarter less than the United States' median income average, $55,322. Per-capita income, though, has Dallas nearly on-par with national averages, coming in at $29,752 compared to the country's $29,829.
  • Dallas-Area Tax Structure: Sales, income and property taxes are important considerations, particularly when it comes to planning for costs during retirement. Dallas' combined state and local sales tax rate is 25 percent 1 . Dallas is consistent with property tax brackets across the rest of the state, which are higher than two-thirds of the rest of the country. However, higher property taxes are complemented by the fact Texas is one of seven states without individual income tax 1 . Overall, Texas and the Dallas metropolitan areas are considered some of the tax-friendliest places in the nation.
  • Dallas-Area Cost of Living: An area's cost of living is compared to the national index of 100. The Dallas metropolitan area 1 averages a bit above 100. The area's food costs and low home prices contribute to its rating. Only a few expenses, like transportation, are significantly above national averages.
  • Dallas-Area Growth: The Dallas-Fort Worth region is one of the largest metropolitan centers not only in the state but the entire country. In 2017 alone, of 146,000 new residents was the highest of any metro area in the nation. Population-wise, it now sits behind only New York City, Los Angeles, and This residency boom influences both Dallas' employment statistics and GDP outputs. It's ranked within the top 10 cities in the United States for financial stability 1 , employment prospects and business opportunities. Annual employment growth rests at 3 percent, nearly double the nation's average of 1.7. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington region's GDP output is also expected to rise as the state continues its tech boom and solidifies its place as the country's top exporter of technology 1 .

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals and Wealth Management Advisors in Dallas

Financial planning is more than opening the right accounts and investing the right amount of money. It's about taking control of your life, whatever opportunities it presents.

The fiduciary, fee-only financial planners at Heritage Financial Planning in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area give sound advice and guidance. Private Asset Management Magazine named us one of 2018's Best Private Wealth Manager Client Services* for firms in the under $5 billion category. Let us show you why through our comprehensive advisory services, from wealth management to college savings to planning appropriate monthly budgets during retirement.

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